Is Builderall 5.0 a Game Changer?
Builderall 5.0 In-Depth Review - 2022

 Builderall - The PRO's - Key Features

Updated: January 20th, 2022
Survey - Quiz - Trivia - Poll builder tool just added to Builderall
Viral Contest Funnels Just Added
Cheetah WordPress Website Builder with WooCommerce integration
NEW LIVE Help Desk Tool
MailingBoss Email Autoresponder is totally being super charged and much easier to use.
New SMS Text Messenger Tool
New Social Media Auto Post Tool
New WhatsApp Launch Funnel Builder

I have personally been using Builderall since June of 2019.
Builderall the "Original" All in one Digital Marketing Platform is finally mature and taking on the World.

All of those other Platforms out there (CF - Kartra - Goovepages - Kajabi etc...) are NOT complete. You still have to buy 3rd party tools & apps and patch things together. With Builderall, there is No more "Duct Tape." All of the tools you need to run your business online are included at ONE price with no upsells.

I started with WordPress - GoDaddy - SquareSpace to Clickfunnels then switched over to Kartra before deciding on Builderall. From a simple website to the most sophisticated sales funnel, Builderall's final result is Unbeatable compared to any other website or sales funnel platform on the market!

Price - Features - Money Saved from not having to subscribe to other 3rd party software because Builderall probably has the tool that you're looking for already built into their Premium Plan at only $79.90 a month! The only thing Builderall is missing is Clickfunnels founder Russell Brunson's energy. I mean c'mon, Russell is exciting, but I can still get that from YouTube and his books! 

What I love most about Builderall is the 45 PLUS tools that make building my business online a "one stop shop!" with NO UpSells on additional or New features they introduce. What you pay for Builderall will ALWAYS be grandfathered in if they ever raise the price in the future. I mean c'mon... who does that anymore?

Key Features:

 Builderall - My Personal Experience

As an entrepreneur - small, midsize or large business, building your own website, landing page, sales funnel and email marketing campaign can be very frustrating, time consuming and quite honestly, rather expensive.

Years ago, and I mean, like back in what seems like the digital stone ages, we started with WordPress to Godaddy then graduated to Squarespace for our generic websites.

Recently with digital marketing trends leaning away from traditional websites and more toward lead capture landing pages and funnels, we tried Clickfunnels and Kartra. Now we have quit them all and are solely using Builderall… and we are hooked and loving it.


All of the software mentioned above have great unique qualities and we will never regret using any of them. But we needed an “all inclusive” digital marketing platform that not only builds mobile responsive websites and lead capture funnels but also included an email marketing platform with unlimited leads, Chatbot builders, a Webinar Creator, an eLearning builder like the Masterclass platform, an APP builder, Animated Video Creator ok, you get where I’m going here.

We use all these tools and it was costing us a bundle on numerous plans and subscriptions all over the place. We were wasting so much time and money.

Being a small business’ we knew that this would just eat us up financially in the long haul.

Check Out The NEW WordPress Builder Below

 Builderall - My Personal Experience (continued)

What I love most about Builderall is that you get all the tools you need, 40 PLUS tools, to build your business with NO upsells on current features OR NEW features or tools that they introduce. We built our first sales funnel in less than 30 minutes with 8 action responsive autoresponder emails and in two weeks we captured 786 hot leads and several new paying clients. Now with the included A/B split tester, a couple verbiage tweaks through the Script Generator tool, we’re confident that we can improve those results. BUT still we have 786 NEW Hot leads and counting to work with and that’s exciting for our first sales funnel.


With a brand new, dummy proof interface, Builderall has you covered with detailed video tutorials for every move you make. No more scratching your head on what to do next. The included email marketing platform called MailingBoss, has been drastically improved and personally I truly believe it fianlly ranks up there with the best email autoresponders on the market to date. See my summary below.

 Builderall - CON's

The Canvas Funnel Builder Tool is CRAZY!
Check it out

 Builderall - Summary

If you're an entrepreneur and you want the latest and greatest all in one digital marketing software out there on the market (by far)... you need to get Builderall. It's just a no brainer, especially if you get Builderall's Premium Plan which gives you all the tools. So as an example, with the Premium Plan you could build your Sales Funnel with Unlimited Email Leads - Yes - That's right, UNLIMITED email leads, you can also build an eCommerce Store, create a Webinar or eLearning Membership Class, Blog - ALL for ONE Price of $79.90 per month! Honestly, that's just too crazy to pass up if you ask me. The amazing Builderall Canvas Funnel Builder tool will give you total automation to build your funnels in an interactive, visual, and intuitive way — without the need for any technical knowledge.

NEW: Builderall 5.0 launched on August 25th, 2021 with even more tools including a new Cheetah WordPress Builder, Live interactive Help Desk Tool, a completely NEW MailingBoss email autoresponder and so much more... I mean, that's CRAZY!

There will be 3 Plans - Builder Plan at $69.90- Premium Plan $79.90 - and the Funnel Club Plan First Month at $199 every recurring month at $79.90

Builderall has such great flexibility as an All-In-One Digital Marketing Business Software. Not only do I use the tools for my own business, I also use it to build landing pages, sales funnels and websites for local businesses. Charge a fee based on the job/design and then have them open an account on Builderall to Host their new website! As an affiliate I will get a commission every month from Builderall for my client being hosted on their system.

I also started creating webinars (thru the Builderall Webinar Tool) for some of my clients and I'm getting $1,500 a PoP just to create one! So my point is, maybe you "personally" don't need the Webinar tool or the Chatbot tool etc for your own business... but if you have those tools, you can be creative and sell services to other businesses in your location. Makes a great side hustle!

The Builderall platform gives you "options" and has "Flat Rate" pricing. Clickfunnels - Kartra - Wix - GoDaddy - Squarespace etc don't come close to what Builderall offers or how the NEW Builderall Cheetah Website Builder performs on mobile and desktop speed/load time.

And... I want to mention this one more time - Builderall's Premium $79.90 Plan allows you to have UNLIMITED Email Leads! That is unheard of! Plus you can host 15 unique domain names and Unlimited Sub-Domains.

What more can I say? Other than, what are you waiting for... Try Builderall for 14 Days FREE and see for yourself.  

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